Cabins  &  Sheds

Cabins, home offices, ADU and guest rooms built or assembled on site.
We offer a number of models to choose from.
Exteriors can be customized to compliment your home.

Cabins, home offices, ADU and guest rooms built or assembled on site.
We offer a number of models to choose from.
Exteriors can be customized to compliment your home.

Cabins, Sheds, ADU, Home Office or Studio Spaces.

With the skyrocketing costs of real estate and building materials. Many home owners are considering a detached cabin, home office, guest room, studio, AirBnB or ADU (accessory dwelling unit) when it comes time to meeting the need for additional space.

Matching Finishes

We have decades of experience as a general contractor. We can match styles and exteriors to be complementary to your home.

Detached Office 

With so many professionals working from home many are starting to realize the benefits of a detached home office.


Our tradesmen are all employees. We have built our family owned business with tradesmen who are all trustworthy nice humans.

Accessory Dwelling Unit, Home Offices, and Guest Rooms.

Accessory Dwelling Unit ADU

An ADU is a small, separate, home built on the same lot as a single-family home.  ADUs can be an addition to a single-family home, a conversion of a basement, an attached or detached garage or outbuilding, or a new detached structure. An ADU includes a kitchen, bedroom(s), and bathroom. ADUs are smaller in size than the main home on the lot.

Thurston County Ordinance to allow ADUs

Home Office

With so many professionals working from their home office. Many are starting to look for a dedicated quiet space with less distraction to work from. A detached home office structure can provide the peace and quiet while remaining close to home and everything that comes with that.

Cabin, Guest Room or AirBnB

Small cabins, tiny homes, guest rooms can be perfect spaces to rent out and become an additional stream of income.

Determining the right size and understanding the permit requirements to provide a smaller livable structure can be tricky.

Having decades of experience as a licensed and insured general contractor is what separates us from our competition. It is the experience and personnel from our parent company Lossing Construction that enables us to provide structures that compliment your property and benefits your family for years.

Exempt Accessory Structures

Looking for functional space as soon as possible. Keeping the size at 200 square feet or less can eliminate permits or if  connecting utilities require less permitting.

Thurston County Exempt Accessory Structures

Detached Remodel

Having remodeled and built many custom homes right here in Olympia and the surrounding communities. We thought it was time to start offering discerning home owners other options.

Adding functional space does not need to disrupt to your families home life the same way a remodel will.

With the ongoing pandemic and everyones concern with remaining safe. Having contractors outside of the home adding functional space is brilliant.

Raising The Bar

Being a home builder and remodeler we know what it takes to manage large projects. Offering our experience to create the perfect home office, guest room, ADU or AirBnB ensures you get the expertise required to build a long lasting complimentary structure.

Additionally our experience getting permits when required and knowing when they are and are not needed provide our customer with peace of mind knowing their property and structure are within the guidelines for an ADU and up to code where required. 

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